A LOTRO Cosmetics Blog with Ranger Swagger


A Ranger of Esteldin

When I first started playing LOTRO years ago, I was delighted to finally come upon the Ranger stronghold of Esteldin.  Watching the sword practice play out, standing near the rewards vendors (which, by the way, need some new rewards *ahem* Turbine *cough*), I felt a part of their world.  Now with the new cosmetics from Vol. 3, we can actually blend more!

Granted, a lot of these are taken near Annuminas (what can I say, I really like Evendim!)…

The Basics:

  • Head: Worn Ranger’s Hood (Umber dye)
  • Shoulders: Worn Ranger’s Wrap (Umber dye)
  • Back: Fine Elven Quiver (Umber dye)
  • Body: Ceremonial Spear-shaker’s Jacket (Olive dye)
  • Boots: Fine Westernesse Protector’s Boots (Umber dye)
  • Legs: Zudrugund Leather Leggings (Olive dye)
  • Hands: Leather Ranger’s Bracers (Umber dye)

Ranger of the Night Watch

I’ve made an outfit similar to this before (see Night Warden), but this is one I’ve always liked.  I’m not sure the color blue really is appropriate for a Ranger, but it just stands out to me as something regal and ancient.

The Basics:

  • Head: Worn Ranger’s Hood (Navy dye)
  • Shoulder: Fine Grey Company Wrap (Navy dye)
  • Back: Fine Elven Quiver (Navy dye)
  • Body: Breastplate of the West-tower (Elite set, Default)
  • Feet: Tursur-lhopan (Navy dye)
  • Legs: Zudrugund Leather Leggings (Navy dye)
  • Hands: Scorched Ox-hide Gauntlets (Navy dye)

This Ranger outfit reminds me of something the Numenorians would have worn.  I’m not sure why that is but I am a fan of this outfit.

The Ithilien Ranger

The Ithilien Rangers are known to anyone who has read the LOTR books or watched the movies.  They are the descendents of those who once dwelt in the forests of Ithilien (more info here and here).  I used the image from the movie to draw inspiration and came up with the following outfit:

The basics:

  • Head: Fine Grey Company Hood (Ranger Green dye)
  • Shoulders: Defensive Eastemnet Combat Pauldrons (Ranger Green dye)
  • Back: Fine Elven Quiver (Umber dye)
  • Body: Agile Eastemnet Skirmish Armour (Umber dye)
  • Feet: Tursur-lhopan (Ranger Green dye)
  • Hands: Leather Ranger’s Bracers (Ranger Green dye)

I envision the Ithilien Ranger as someone who is rugged, someone who knows how to blend in with their environment without affording any protection.  The new Eastemnet armor set really works to fill those requirements and they dye really well.

The Autumn Ranger of Annuminas

I love this time of year.  When else can you hide in a pile of fallen leaves before leaping out and mercilessly slaying that Orc?  Only in the Fall, I say.  So I wanted to find an outfit that matched the season well and kept my Ranger hidden.  Here is what I came up with:

The basics:

  • Head: Worn Ranger’s Hood (red dye)
  • Shoulder: Padded Mantle of the Dunland Soothsayer (orange dye)
  • Back: Cloak of the Falling Leaves (dark green dye)
  • Body: Ceremonial Nenuial’s Jacket (red dye)
  • Hands: Ceremonial Nenuial’s Gauntlets (default)
  • Legs: Ceremonial Nenuial’s Leggings (red dye)
  • Feet: Ceremonial Nenuial’s Boots (default)

As you can see most of the outfit consists of Annuminas armor (available through a skirmish vendor).