A LOTRO Cosmetics Blog with Ranger Swagger

Welcome to the LOTRO Ranger!

Greetings!   Welcome to my cosmetics blog.  Before I get into the concept behind this project, I’d like to give my new readers some background.

Who is this Philomandros person anyway?

My main character on Landroval has an interesting back story, and I won’t bore you here.  After all, you didn’t come here to read my character’s bio, but to check out all those awesome outfit ideas (right?).  Needless to say, however, ‘Ranger’ fits well as a descriptor.   Formerly, Philomandros is the cofounder of the Rangers of Ithilien kinship on Elendilmir (back in those days, there were no designated RP servers), and there was much rejoicing (yay!).  Alas, after four years Elendilmir has lost a lot of its RPers to other servers, so the Rangers decided it was time to migrate to a place where we would have more successful RP fun.  So to Landroval we came (and with a name change: The Dunedain of Ithilien).

The LOTRO Ranger and Cosmetics in LOTRO

Throughout the past few years, the cosmetic system has been perhaps one of the best features of LOTRO (aside from the lore and the graphics) and especially recently there has been much attention paid to keeping those of us with interests in perfecting that ideal outfit very happy (I am very, very grateful that LOTRO finally added a NPC Ranger outfit for us players).

Nevertheless, even with these fantastic outfit sets, many of us Rangers still want that perfect unique Ranger look that defines us and lets us stand out–for me, at least, this is more of an RP issue than anything else.  This blog will do what it can to present many options for the reader to put together an outfit just for their Ranger (although, as a fan of Gondorian/Numenorian lore, I may offer some other options here and there).

So please, feel free to follow this blog and if you want even send in your recommendations for outfits!

Also check out Cosmetic LOTRO and LOTRO Stylist for more Ranger outfits!


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